Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Google Chrome for Android Released

Google Chrome, one of the most favorite web browser applications for the desktop PC today, can now be installed and used on Android-based mobile devices.

This is certainly a good news; the Chrome browser for Android is one of the most eagerly awaited Android apps for loyal Chrome users who also has Android phones or tablets, which is better in many aspects than the native web browser available in the Android OS.

Chrome and the native Android Web browser, which both are developed by Google, are different in some aspects. Although both browsers are based on WebKit and use some of the same components, they are separated and originally had little else in common. The native Android browser didn't use Google's V8 JavaScript runtime until the release of Android 2.2 in 2010, and it is also has relatively poor support for the latest Web standards, compared to Chrome browser.

One of the other advantages of using Chrome for Android, especially for users of Chrome for the desktop, is a better synchronization across different devices. It also brings its other well known advantages such as its speed in start-up and web pages loading / processing, its simplicity in user interface, and better handling of rich web applications.

Chrome for Android is currently in beta stage and available for phones and tablets with Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich. Users who wish to use it can go to this Android Market page to download and install it.

via: Ars Technica | image credit: Google
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