Thursday, February 16, 2012

Heartbeat Can Be Used As Password

Researchers brings a new digital technology innovation by creating a security system which recognizes a person's heartbeat as a password. This discovery brings the possibility to present an electronic device which can be unlocked and opened by taking it.

Every person has a unique heartbeat and no heartbeat is really similar to another. Researchers from China found a way to mathematically make instant identification on a person's heartbeat, and use it as a password.

"Because electrocardiogram signals vary from person to person, and can be used as a new tool for biometric recognition," say the researchers at the National Chung Hsing University in Taichung, Taiwan, Dailymail reported.

Lead researcher Chun-Liang Lin uses two ECG (electrocardiogram) charts of people's palm, to determine the unique mathematical properties in their heartbeat. This way, they found that the numbers obtained can be used as a password, and that the system is very safe.

Lin's security system currently takes the user's ECG reading from each palm once, and a key based on that reading is stored and used for all later decryptions.

Lin says the goal is to build the system into external hard drives and other devices that can be decrypted and encrypted simply by touching them.

Heartbeat Can Be Used As Password by fanDigital
via: Daily Mail | image credit: Johnson Thomas
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