Tuesday, February 7, 2012

iOS Apps Crash More Often Than Android Ones (Study)

Apple iOS and Google Android are the most popular mobile platform today. Both have advantages and disadvantages of each, making it difficult to determine which one is better.

In addition to the operating system itself, there are applications which will also affect users experience. Millions of applications are available for both operating system, offering various tools, productivity suites, entertainment, and many other mobile applications for smart phone and other devices.

Concerning mobile applications, a recent study researching applications for both OS, done by a monitoring company Crittercism, found that applications for Apple iOS to crash more often than Android ones.

The study found as many as 28.64% in the IOS 5.0.1 application that crashes. This number is far more than an application for Android that is more stable. For the latest Android 4.0.1, only 1.04% of applications crash.

One of the suspected cause of applications chrashes on IOS 5.0.i is because the operating system is still fairly new. But, on older IOS versions, the number was also quite a lot. For example, IOS 4.2.10 has 12.64% of applications crash, and as much as 10.66% on IOS 4.3.3.

Some other causes are also suspected. Hardware issues, such as the use of GPS or camera service. Not-connected phone to the Internet within a specified period or something happens when switching between 3G or WiFi is some cause.

Language support on devices, and memory problems where an application often takes a lot of memory, are also contributing to the application to crash. There will also be a problem if users rarely update the operating system to a newer version.

Crittercism analyzed a total of more than 214 million different applications released between November and December 2011.

via: Tech2
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