Sunday, May 13, 2012

zClearlooksAdwaita: Clean, Simple Ubuntu Theme

As we know, Ubuntu 12.04 comes with default theme called Ambiance, along with its light version named Radiance, they both are part of and available in Ubuntu Light Themes package, themes with orang/brown/purple color dominance.

For some people, those theme are too strong and even too iritating in the eyes, thus they likely change the theme with a more smooth and soft theme. Besides the two themes, Ubuntu also comes with a theme called Adwaita, a default GNOME 3 theme, which is giving soft color theme.

The Adwaita theme contains Adwaita GTK 3 theme, and also Clearlooks as a fallback theme for GTK 2 applications (like Firefox, Chrome, LibreOffice, and most other apps that do not support GTK 3 yet). I for one like the theme but unfortunately (at least for me), the fallback theme that is Clearlooks is not looking consistent with the Adwaita, especially with its out-of-context blue scrollbars.

That's why I began to make some modifications to the theme to make a refinement. I also made a Metacity theme for it so that it will be more readable, easy and quickly recognize an active window application from other ones, with a blue-ish window border, based on blue color found in Clearlooks.

I called the the zClearlooksAdwaita, and currently it supports the following desktop environment / window managers:

  • Ubuntu Unity
  • GNOME / GTK 3
  • GTK 2
  • MATE
  • Metacity / Mutter / Muffin / Marco / Compiz
  • XFCE / Xfwm
  • LXDE / Openbox

Important Notes / Requirements

This theme is only tested on Ubuntu 12.04 which is based on GNOME 3.4, with gnome-themes-standard package installed.

Download the theme here.

To use the theme, extract the downloaded file and move the zClearlooksAdwaita folder and its contents to /home/[YourUserName]/.themes/ or to /usr/share/themes/, then use gnome-tweak-tool or myunity to activate it.


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