Saturday, June 23, 2012

How To Edit Facebook Comment

Facebook, the social networking giant, recently added a feature for its users, the ability to edit their own comment they put on any status update or Timeline.

This is surely very useful, because sometimes or often we don't feel satisfied with comment we put on a status update on Facebook, and wish we could edit it easily and put a better one. With this new feature, we can do just that.

Previously, if we put mouse/pointer (hover) on a comment, as we all may already know, we will see an icon on the right side of a comment to delete it. Now this icon has been replaced by a "pencil" icon for editing comment, in addition to deletion.

If you want to edit your own comment on Facebook, basically it is not too different than the way you delete your comment. Simply put your pointer (hover) on a comment and then click the pencil icon that appears on the right side, then select "Edit" from drop down menu, then start editing your comment.

When you publish the edited comment, it will has a label "Edited", that will let other users know that this comment has been edited by its author.

If you see an "Edited" label beneath a comment, you and other users can see the editing history of this comment, so that you and others can see the differences among original comment and other editings on it. So, just be aware that if you edit your comment, other users can still see the original. If you don't want to allow others to see the original one, you better delete it instead.


PS: Still, sorry for my English :)
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