Monday, August 27, 2012

Find Out GTK+ Version in Ubuntu / Linux

GTK+ is a toolkit for creating graphical user interfaces, that is capable to be used in many platform (multi-platform). The GTK name was originally a short of "GIMP ToolKit". It is the engine for rendering graphical widgets/elements in applications. GTK+ is the default rendering engine used in GNOME applications that we can find in various GNOME-based Linux distributions including Ubuntu OS.

A GTK+ theme, such as a theme I made, requires GTK+ library to be installed before it can be used. Like an application, a GTK+ theme is designed for specific version of GTK+ libraries. For example, zonColor theme pack was designed for both GTK+ 2 and GTK+ 3, specifically GTK 2 ver. 2.20 and/or GTK 3 ver 3.4 as minimum requirements.

A GTK theme used in GNOME image viewer app (EOG) displaying GTK+ logo

So, the question is: How to find out the GTK version running in my OS?

There is no specific tool or command that can be used to answer that question, but you can try Terminal commands below, for both GTK2-based desktop (such as Ubuntu 10.04) and GTK3-based desktop (such as Ubuntu 12.04).

Monday, August 20, 2012

Install Non-Free Multimedia Codecs in Debian

Debian GNU/Linux is a free and open-source operating system, that brings only free software/applications by default.

For most users, although the applications included in official Debian iso release are capable to handle most everyday computing tasks, but sometimes they still need to use additional codecs especially to deal with certain types of file like mp3 audio, Java plugin, Adobe flash, or basic MS fonts that is included in an office document, or other proprietary formats.

Friday, August 17, 2012

zonColor: Elegant Theme, Your Own Color Scheme

This is not just another theme; this is more like a theme template. With your own colors of choice, you can easily make your own theme. Finally :)


zonColor now become a complete set of themes (plus app).

Download zonColor Themes Pack here


I decided to release this new theme pack for Linux, after writing codes and creating artworks for it for last several months. I've been working on this theme since Ubuntu 11.04 was released, but I've never felt satisfied with the details of some elements of it that its look and feel were, I think, still can be improved. So I only used it for my personal use, while I kept improving it. But now I'm satisfied with the result so I publish this theme for everyone who may like it.

I call this theme "zonColor", a smooth GTK theme for Linux/Ubuntu (GNOME-based desktop). This theme has been designed carefully with users customization in mind, especially for the colors of various elements of the theme.

Unlike many other themes out there, zonColor are using flexible color values that follow color changes from simple command, without having to manually modify the theme codes.

This theme pack is more like a GTK theme template. Several examples/presets of color scheme are provided (included in the downloadable file below), so that users can easily activate different color schemes, just by double-clicking a shell script file to use/activate new color schemes. Further more, users can easily modify the color scheme examples by using a simple text editor application (like Gedit or Leafpad) to change color values, save as a new color scheme, and activate them.

Here are some screenshots of the theme.

The above screenshots are just examples of using different colors. You can use any color you like, be it dark or light colors. Just make sure, for readability, to pick colors that are contrast enough between text and background colors.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Get 25 GB Free Storage on Ubuntu One

Thanks to the rapid adoption and speed of internet, we now live in an era where we put much of our data on the "cloud". Of course it's not the real cloud in the sky, but it means that more and more digital data nowadays are placed on web servers around the world. This trend is growing rapidly because we find it practical, highly accesible, and more secure than traditional storage system on hard disks or local servers.

Ubuntu, the Linux-based operating system, is also offering its users and others a free storage, called "Ubuntu One" cloud storage service, a service similar to Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive, Microsoft SkyDrive, but in my opinion, is more trusted than others I mentioned, since it comes from the free open-source environment :).

Every basic free account of Ubuntu One users will get 5 GB storage space for free.

Today, Ubuntu One has announced an exiting promotion, offering every users to get even more free storage, up to 20 GB (so total free space will become 25 GB), by inviting friends or family or anybody to sign up for a new Ubuntu One account using a unique referral link.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Install Latest KDE in Ubuntu / Kubuntu

KDE SC (Software Compilation) is one of the most used desktop and application platform/environment in Linux, beside GNOME which is the default platform in Ubuntu. KDE offers high quality, slick and very nice looking, and arguably the best, highly customizable workspace and applications for its users.

KDE developers announced availabily of the latest version of KDE software, which is KDE SC 4.9 that brings many improvements, bug fixes, new features, and the best updated release yet.

Kubuntu 12.04 running the latest KDE 4.9 (with some customization)


What's New in KDE 4.9

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