Saturday, January 5, 2013

zonColor 1.0.5 Update: Xfce Color-Scheme Support, New Xfwm Theme

Today I decided to release updated version zonColor Themes Pack 1.0.5. This time is to bring some love to Xfce desktop.

The latest release provides ability to apply GTK-color-scheme setting on Xfce session, giving exactly the same experience as applying GTK color scheme in a GNOME-based desktop session. Thanks to TiZ, a gnome-look user, for his effort and information about this possibility for Xfce session.

GTK color scheme can be applied to the latest Xfce 4.10 desktop (i.e. Xubuntu 12.10). Earlier version (e.g. Xfce 4.8 used in Xubuntu 12.04) cannot used this, though.

Besides custom GTK color scheme, the above screenshot is also showing a new additional Xfwm theme called 'zoncolorLittle' included in latest version of zonColor Themes Pack, with buttons taken from zoncolorLittle Metacity theme images. Also added zoncolorXtra-Cupertino Xfwm theme. Xfce users have now additional choices for window decoration.

Here is more complete list of updates (change log):
  • Added GTK-color-scheme support for Xfce 4.10 (e.g. Xubuntu 12.10)
    (earlier version of Xfce still not supported).
  • Added new Xfwm4 themes: zoncolorLittle, zoncolorXtra-Cupertino.
  • Added/updated icons: go-home, etc.
  • Added reset script into main folder.
  • Updated documentation/README files.


Get latest version of zonColor Themes Pack from download page:


PS: Still, sorry for my English :)
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