Tuesday, January 15, 2013

zonColor 1.1 Update: Ubuntu Phone Wallpaper, "start-here" Icons, More

Recently, Canonical announced a big project at CES event, Ubuntu for phones, a mobile operating system aimed to provide a user experience as in Ubuntu desktop edition, on smartphones. This "Ubuntu Phone OS" created hype among geeks and enthusiasts, hoping this could be an alternative to big players like Google Android and Apple iOS among other.

One of interesting things about this Ubuntu phone OS is its visual design. It looks beautiful, simple but elegant. This design includes a gorgeous welcome screen image aka wallpaper that looks consitent with Ubuntu desktop OS visual design, with its timer clock at the center.

Inspired by the Ubuntu Phone design, some creative artists created wallpaper design for desktop, bringing the phone welcome screen design into desktop PCs.

For zonColor 1.1 update release, I decided to include "Ubuntu Phone OS"-inspired wallpapers (including template) into zonColor Themes Pack. It is a slightly modified version of "Inspire" wallpaper by Michał Prędotka (http://mivoligo.com/d/inspire-wallpaper), with some adjustment so that it can be recolored, like other wallpaper templates in zonColor.

Here is some other color variants of the wallpaper.

You can download those wallpapers; just click the links provided. Or better yet, download zonColor Themes Pack, so you can easily create color variants, with your own colors, as many as you like.


In addition to new wallpaper, this update also bring additional "start-here" icons, icon used as start menu icon and/or as "distributor-logo" icon (e.g. menu icon on GNOME panel and on some other places).

You can choose what "start-here" icon you want to use for icon themes by using icon-changer script provided, for better look on Linux distro of your choice. Like you can see on the screenshot above, distro logo icons included are Arch, Debian, Fedora, Gentoo, Gnome, Linuxmint, Mageia, OpenSUSE, Ubuntu, and zonColor logo (default). The script also allows you to use your own icon for "start-here", in case you want to use a logo other than those included.


This latest update of zonColor also includes some fixes, most important is fixes for unreadable text-color issue on non-GTK apps (Firefox, LibreOffice) with dark color scheme.


Below is list / change log / what's new in zonColor Themes Pack 1.1.

  • Added "Ubuntu Phone" inspired wallpapers + template (modified version of "Inspire" wallpaper by Michał Prędotka: http://mivoligo.com/d/inspire-wallpaper).
  • Added "start-here" icons and "start-here" icon-changer script.
  • Added some customization presets.
  • Fixed text-color issue on non-GTK apps with dark color scheme. (Firefox, LibreOffice, QT-apps).
  • Fixed toolbar setting of zoncolorXtra-Redmond GTK2 theme.
  • Removed unneeded codes.
  • Updated documentation/README files.
And here is some more screenshots for this release.

    "Ubuntu Phone" wallpaper on LightDM login screen. Looks gorgeous, isn't it?

    Oh, for those who don't now but interested, the new Fedora 18 Spherical Cow has been released today!

    I have downloaded the iso of the latest Fedora, and take a spin with live USB. I tried zonColor themes on it, and here it is, some screenshots of Fedora 18 live session, but with Ubuntu Phone color variant wallpapers :)


    Get latest version of zonColor Themes Pack from download page:


    PS: Still, sorry for my English :)
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