Wednesday, June 5, 2013

zonColor Update: GTK, I love you?

I have spent a lot of time lately working on next major updated version of zonColor Themes Pack. Currently, my primary focus is on new features for GTK themes of zonColor.

The big concern about zonColor GTK themes is due to the latest update version of GTK, where starting from GTK 3.8, they have stopped support for GTK color scheme (here is the announcement).

That was a disaster! Why? Because, for applying color customizations, zonColor GTK themes (versions 1.1 and earlier) rely on this feature, so that users can quickly and instantly apply color scheme to the currently active GTK theme, without having to generate a new GTK theme (unlike recoloring of icon themes and wallpaper that require to generate new ones).

The GTK color scheme feature was in fact why I started to make zonColor GTK themes (only) last year, before expanding to the whole zonColor pack that includes icon themes, wallpapers, etc. Later, I was happy that latest Xfce (4.10) includes color scheme feature too. And then I also heard news from Clement Lefebvre (founder of Linux Mint and Cinnamon project) himself that color scheme is planned to be added in next versions of Cinnamon (still not present in latest Cinnamon 1.8 though).

Well, GTK color scheme is gone now. So to be able to apply color customizations on GTK themes, I decided to make the zonColor app to automatically create/generate new GTK theme (if does not already exist) everytime new color scheme is activated and load the theme, instead of using GTK color scheme feature.

From positive point of view, the feature to create a new GTK theme to activate color customizations is an advantage for users, they can now create new GTK theme using specified template, with their own colors and configurations.

I recently released a new testing version of zonColor Themes Pack 1.6 Testing that includes support for latest version of various desktop environments (GNOME/GTK 3.8, Cinnamon 1.8, MATE 1.6, etc.). It also includes some new themes/presets, including Xfwm window theme. I also planned to add feature to allow users to create a window decoration themes.

Here is a screenshot of a new theme-set zoncolorFlat with zoncolorFlat GTK/window theme and zoncolorDull icon theme:


PS: Still, sorry for my English :)
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