Saturday, January 11, 2014

Workaround for Highlighted Text Problems in GNOME Apps when Using Custom GTK Theme

A zonColor theme user reported: 'When i select any zoncolor theme i can't read text when i selected it in evince pdf reader'.

After some investigations, I found that this is a known bug of some GNOME apps like Evince, Evolution, and maybe other too (see, so it will affects other GTK themes that do not include "new standard" in GTK theme color definition.

Those apps look for "the new standard" theme_selected_bg_color, theme_selected_fg_color, etc., instead of the standard, long time used "selected_bg_color", "selected_fg_color", etc (notice the difference, later ones are without "theme_"). This causing any theme that does not use "theme_*" color definitions in its css files will have problems with those apps.
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