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FanDigital.com is just another technology blog :) Well, finally, I decided to make a blog that focus on GNU/Linux, Ubuntu, Debian, and other open-source world, because I find my self really love the open source world, it's really enjoyable, mostly because I feel liberated when using it, compare to when using proprietary ones.

In this blog, I write mostly my personal experience using Ubuntu/Linux and open-source apps, like customizing applications, making themes, and other things, including how-to tutorial, applications review, and also news from the FOSS world. So in particular, this blog is like a personal documentation of my experience, so that I can refer to my own article when I need to do something that I have done in the past in Linux. But, of course, you can use it too, I hope this could be useful for everbody.


About the Author

My real name is Fauzan, but please, just call me Zon (Zon saja in Indonesian), because I don't want to be famous with my real name :)

I'm a blogger from Indonesia, I've been a writer for my own personal blogs, mostly about technology, software, internet, and such other things. I also run some entertainment websites.

PS: I'm not a geek. I just love how technology has change our lives over years and ages.


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